A deprived building and local community receive something to go ‘ping-pong’ over

Christchurch, 35 Cosway Street, was granted a Grade II* Listing in 1954. It is a former deconsecrated church in the Lisson Grove Conservation Area. With so much ornate detailing both inside and out, it has made the change of use and renovations very taxing.

Since the 1980s, the former place of worship has been used as B1 grade offices. It was home to Braemar Shipbrokers during a number of years until early 2017, when it sold the leasehold to their corporate headquarters to Greenhouse Sports Ltd.

Greenhouse Sports was established in 2002 as a sports coaching charity for young people in the school holidays. The pilot, was such a success that demand increased and Greenhouse merged with another charity; Table Tennis for Kids (TTK). Since then, the charity has worked predominantly in schools, delivering full-time sports coaching and mentoring programmes that has helped over 40,000 young people reach their full potential. Recently, they acquired 35 Cosway Street, situated in London, and have refurbished the building into a state of the art sport centre.

Latitude Architects was engaged to work on the plans for the renovation, which were undertaken in consultation with Historic England. Planning permission sought approval for the installation of a lift, new internal lighting, the addition of balustrades to the gallery, a new sports floor and much more.

Surrounded by local shops, residential areas and community buildings including a school; sound insulation was imperative to stop noise escaping and disturbing local residents. The beautiful original single pane stain glass windows could not be changed, so could not prevent the outbreak of noise efficiently. As a result, Latitude architects specified the use of secondary glazing to provide much needed sound insulation. In addition, it improved the thermal properties of the building and delivered guarding in certain areas.

Cosmur Construction (London) Ltd, experts in renovations of Listed buildings, were appointed as Main Contractor approached Selectaglaze to discuss the treatment and scheduling of secondary glazing works to the windows. The windows were huge and had large sweeping curved heads at high level. Therefore to enable precise measurements and a snug fit, a laser measurer was used to plot the arches to facilitate the manufacture of the units.

The newly created mezzanine level cut the full height windows in 2 which left a void in all the reveals. To counter this, the 1st floor glazing also acted as a guard to the void, which included 12mm toughened glass.

In total 88 units were installed, which were a combination of Series 42 fixed lights with curved and standard heads, as well as Series 80 3HS contra sliding units. Some of the Series 80 were 1.9m (h) x 2.3m (w) and weighed over 130kg when all assembled, so fixing points had to be checked for their strength. The units came in 3  panes to enable manual handling and accessing the specific areas for installation.

The renovation is breath-taking and has given the space a new lease of life, which will add value to the local residents for years to come.

Selectaglaze is the leading specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of secondary glazing; established in 1966 and a Royal Warrant Holder since 2004.  

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