Year of the Heat Pump


While 2021 continues with cautious change and positivity, one member organisation has been making 2021 their year!

The Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) has not let the current global crisis hold it back. The announcements and pledges from the UK government on accelerating carbon reduction, the Green Revolution and its Ten Point Plan, has seen the GSHPA embarking on an exciting and challenging first three months to fulfil these aspirations for heat pumps.

With the recent appointment of Laura Bishop as Chair of the Association, and Edward Thompson as Vice-Chair, the GSHPA represents an ever-increasing membership which encourage the growth and development of ground source energy.

Laura is a strong advocate for heat pumps and believes that heat pumps should be deployed in place of traditional fossil fuelled heating & cooling systems. As a qualified CIBSE Heat Network Consultant, she has influenced the use of heat pumps for low and ultra-low temperature heat networks on local and national levels.
“This is an exciting time to be working within the heat pump sector and the GSHPA welcome enquiries from anyone involved with or interested in heat pumps. We encourage all those working within the heat pump industry to join us,” said Laura.

The GSHPA promotes its message by raising awareness of the benefits of ground source heat pumps and lobbying for the ground source energy industry on a local and nation scale with consumers and government alike.

The Association has also taken on a new Secretariat, Stephen Bielby, to assist with its members and to support the current level of enquires they receive. In addition to this level of support and commitment, the GSHPA also provides information via its website, its webinars and telephone helplines and makes presentations to promote the ground source industry to key audiences as well as its members.

For more information about the Association, its annual conference in October, and about ground source heat pumps, please visit or email


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