Welcome to issue 34­­­ of Conservation and Heritage Journal


A warm welcome to all of our readers as summer approaches its time to sieze opportunities and move forward.

In this issue we feature a mixture of renovations and award winning work plus art and cultural exhibitions, historic churches and transport. When does cost outweigh conservation? By Paul Trace of Stella Rooflight who discusses the importance of maintaining the historical integrity of buildings
during an economic downturn.

With the deadline for net zero carbon emissions targets ticking away, Cornish based conservation experts, Desmonde Associates continue its heritage & conservation, Annual Stone Survey and Conservation Pathology works at the home of the devolved  government of Scotland, this is featured on page 13.

Technical issues are covered with, Is your lift ready for the analogue to digital switchover? By Alastair Stannah, Managing Director at Stannah Lifts. Also Renovating and Re-Renovating
Period Properties by The Rooflight Company

There are a number of exhibitions and new museum shows that are exciting. In particlar the conservation of a Constable painting and Turner’s Nudes laid bare in his bedroom, Turner's House in Twickenham by Lucinda MacPherson. The Interactive science exhibition and
National Museums of Scotland who have acquired rare embroidery pieces.

We also feature the Restoration of Grade I listed Columns at St Johns College, Oxford. 22 Bedford Square, who have restored a Georgian building in an urban setting. Plus Hugh Broughton Architects and English Heritage’s project in Clifford’s Tower in York.

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