Titus is back home


After nearly 400 years, Rembrandt’s masterpiece is back at the place where it was originally painted: The Rembrandt House Museum.

A young Titus van Rijn gazes dreamily into the distance, his elbows rested on his reading desk. Father Rembrandt painted this picture of his son in 1655, when he lived with his family in an imposing building on Amsterdam’s Jodenbreestraat. Almost 400 years later, Titus has returned home. This is the first time ever that this famous masterpiece by Rembrandt is on display in the place where it was created, The Rembrandt House Museum.

This homecoming is part of The Rembrandt House Museum’s reopening celebrations following a three-month renovation. Titus is back Home will be running from 18 March to 4 June 2023 inclusive.

Visitors to the renovated museum can experience how Rembrandt lived and worked. The various rooms tell stories about his life, his art, his neighbourhood, and the times in which he lives: from his arrival in the house as a successful society painter to his forced departure due to financial problems. Titus played a crucial role in Rembrandt’s life. Born in this house, he was the only son to reach adulthood. He grew to be his father’s faithful  supporter. Rembrandt painted Titus several times, each time producing an intimate portrait that showcases the close relationship between father and son. At The Rembrandt House Museum, you will soon be able to stand eye-to-eye with Rembrandt’s iconic 1655 painting of his son, on special loan from Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s collection.
Eye-to-eye with a masterpiece
The painting of Titus hangs in a special room in the exhibition entitled The Art of Drawing, so you can spend a moment eye-to-eye with the masterpiece. Especially for this presentation, the museum is developing a multimedia tour to guide guests as they view the painting. This unique experience is a kind of guided meditation, based on three options: an art-historical background, a psychological         description of father and son, and different kinds of musical accompaniment. You’ll discover something new in Rembrandt’s famous painting every time you look at it.

‘Buitenkans’ project
‘Titus Returns Home’ was sponsored through the ‘Buitenkans’ project run by the Turing Foundation and Vereniging Rembrandt (the Dutch Rembrandt Society), as well as by the loaner Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam. ‘Buitenkans’ offers art museums in the Netherlands the opportunity to organise a small-scale presentation about a loan from another Dutch public collection, as a way of showcasing the richness of the country’s many collections. This is the first exhibition of this project.


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