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Welcome to issue 30­­­ of Conservation and Heritage Journal 
Firstly may I take this opportunity to welcome you to issue 30 of the Conservation and Heritage Journal. We are beginning to see the Conservation and Heritage world revive, hopefully this will continue into the summer. Every week museum and galleries are re-opening and we are pleased to feature them, included is the Petersfield Museum and British Motor Museum.

In this issue we aim to cover a wide range of subjects and skills, not only restoration and heritage projects but relevant festivals, Archaeological projects, the  Heritage sector in the Middle East and eco developments. Also featured are Steeplejacks the traditional craftsmen thriving in the 21st century and, the Grade-A revamp of Liberty London. We also feature landcaping projects - If you can't make it on holiday this year, why not visit the Greek-inspired garden at Sissinghurst Castle Garden in Kent.

We are proud to feature ‘Celebrating 40 years of hsd.’ Over the past four decades hsd have played a key role in the design and development of significant cultural and historic landmarks around the globe.


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