Renovations and extensions in a conservation area: how fibre cement can be a good option for facades and roofs

by Lisa Grosse, Cedral

With one of the oldest housing stocks in Europe and over 10,000 conservation areas in England alone, developers and homeowners in the UK frequently have to take into account local restrictions when making decisions about exterior alterations, improvements and extensions. The style of an extension and the materials chosen for the exterior may be affected by special controls and even if a property is not in a conservation area, planning issues may arise such as the preservation of roof lines.

While this will vary depending on the council, there are a few general principles which seem to hold true, particularly within a conservation area. In general, specifying façade materials for a home and even minor alterations like re-cladding, will need a planning application. Similarly, the roofing material will also need to be seen as sympathetic to the character of the building and its surroundings.

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