Rembrandt as Director in the Spotlights

Rembrandt was a master storyteller, not with words but with images. To tell stories, he made use of techniques that were also used in the theatre, such as facial expressions, gestures, lighting, costumes, and accessories. In addition, he chose the best moment to depict: the moment of greatest tension, of  ultimate suspense. The  exhibition Directed by Rembrandt highlights, for the first time, Rembrandt’s role as a director of his own artworks. And it reveals how 17th-century painters and theatre-makers were inspired by each other.

In the exhibition, there are various interactive spots where visitors have the opportunity to get hands-on, engage in acting, and learn from Rembrandt. Additionally, several artworks feature a slow-watching multimedia tour where the visitor is guided in observing Rembrandt's meticulous direction – much like a guided meditation.

The exhibition, Directed by Rembrandt, will be open from 2 March to 26 May 2024 in the Rembrandt House Museum. The press preview will take place on Tuesday 27 February 2024.



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