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Prevention and Cure
Whether you own a few precious inherited objects, curate a collection or manage an entire historic property, keeping possessions in the best possible condition and protecting them from damage by insects is a constant concern.  Natural fabrics are vulnerable to feeding by larvae of clothes moths and carpet beetles; bathrooms and kitchens can be invaded by silverfish; books and libraries can be shredded by booklice and furniture and timber mined by woodworm.

All too often pest control in museums, libraries, archives and historic houses is a reaction to the discovery of insect activity and damage. Historyonics promotes the practice of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the aim of which is to monitor for pests and targeting treatment only where and when it is needed. We have many years of experience in managing insect pests and we back-up our advice with a trusted portfolio of products, from pheromone monitoring systems to insecticide and non-insecticidal control solutions.

Insect Pests
Recognising the damage, identifying the cause and the insect responsible

Correctly identifying the insect responsible for damage is an essential first step to monitoring and trapping the offenders. Often however, no insect may be found and there is only damage to be observed such as holes in clothing and bare patches on carpets. In other cases, adult insects may be found but it is the larval (caterpillar) stage that does the damage and so seeing or catching the adults can be an early indication of future damage likely to appear. The following table provides a quick assessment of some of the most common places that damage may be observed and how to determine which pests are responsible.

Like all good libraries, we have provided this space for you to browse and find more information on the pest problem you are confronted by and the solutions available to tackle them. Our library of resources vary from downloadable documents, videos to watch or references to third party websites should you wish to explore further. All links are provided for your information, and we have no influence or control over third party information.

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