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Pufferfish: We make digital real

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  • Nationwide and International


At Pufferfish, we’re innovators, creators and immersive experience curators. We reconstruct the potency of communication and engagement, we transform storytelling, and we stimulate sensory exploration with a refined combination of our intuitive solutions, unforgettable content, and powerful data visualisation.

Operating across both physical and virtual spaces, we offer a universe of solutions for permanent installs, temporary exhibits, rental activations, and web-based events, outreach and education. We also offer expertise and services across content development, software, design, and much more. This has led to our solutions being admired across the globe; from Museums and reputable cultural institutions, science centres and visitor attractions to corporate offices, trade shows, live events, experience centres, and planetariums.

Our universe of solutions includes the only touch-enabled UHD spherical display in the world – our PufferTouch®. Our large-scale solutions that command any space and form a breath-taking centre piece for permanent installations – our PufferSphere®. And our latest product solution – Wake, has propelled us into the wonderful world of web-based storytelling.

There is a reason we are the world leaders in spherical display technology. Pufferfish: We make digital real.


Commercial Team Contacts:
Ben Allan, Head of Sales: ben@pufferfishdisplays.com
Chanel Turner, Marketing & Communications Manager: chanel@pufferfishdisplays.com
Shelley Mullen, Business Development Manager: Shelley@pufferfishdisplays.com
Charlotte Brown, Partner & Channel Manager: charlotte@pufferfishdisplays.com
Stefaniya Ilieva, Commercial Executive & Business Analyst: stef@pufferfishdisplays.com


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