Preserving the heritage of beautiful, highly-decorative ceilings with mineral silicate

“Traditional, coffered ceilings often carry intricate, beautiful designs, many of which have existed for hundreds of years,” says Joe Orsi, co-founder and building and materials consultant at Roman Products.

“Over time, depending on the methods and materials used in the original, the ceiling plasters often degrade with structural reinforcements slowly decaying, causing stability concerns.

“When a need for repair or conservation is identified, ensuring the host material accepts the repair material is crucial. Testing for strength, compatibility and combustibility is key.”

A breathable, long-term solution
“In the UK, mineral silicate is often not used to its full potential. As a result, working with Lime Green, we developed an extensive range of mineral silicate products, comprising mineral primers, adhesives and fillers.”

In 2019, Lime Green acquired the Silic8 range from Roman Products Ltd, introducing it to a wider audience.

“Products within the range combine to form a solution to restore the stability of suitable traditional ceilings, while preserving the heritage of the highly-decorative aesthetics,” says James Ayres, operations director, Lime Green.

“Silic8 Penetrating Primer; a penetrating, liquid primer and AD2; a non-combustible repair adhesive come together to form a system which consolidates degraded coffers to create a method which can reinforce fibrous plaster or apply new nibs to replace damaged ones.

“From the top side of the ceiling, Silic8 Penetrating Primer prepares the surface compatibly, treating the wood and other organic materials, whilst also consolidating old plasters and friable materials. AD2 Adhesive is then added to reinforce the ceiling’s structure, in a way which ensures future inspections can still take place. This can then be used in conjunction with quad axial fibreglass mesh

“This system enables the maximum amount of original fabric of the ceiling to be preserved and ensures it remains breathable and completely non-combustible.”

“The coffered ceiling in the Canadian Senate Building and General Waiting Room, Ottawa, was originally made from traditional fibrous plaster – comprising gypsum panels suspended from a metal frame,” says Joe.

“The top side of the fibrous plaster had begun to show signs of ageing and there was uncertainty surrounding the stability of the hessian reinforcement of the gypsum cast.

“After two years of rigorous testing by government appointed engineers in Canada, Silic8 was selected as the most suitable conservation repair material.

“The ceiling was repaired in situ. It was prepared using Silic8 Penetrating Primer to consolidate the friability of the historic gypsum casting and provide a chemically compatible surface for the adhesive. A fibreglass mesh was then fixed to the upper side of the ceiling with Silic8 AD2.

“This system has offered a sustainable and robust solution, which has safely repaired the 80ft high ceiling for the long-term.”

Ceilings that stand the test of time
“The Silic8 range offers a natural, highly-breathable and durable solution,” says James. “The products are also non-combustible – making them safe for use on high ceilings and in commercial or public settings.

“Silic8 restores beautiful ceilings so that they’re structurally safe and set to stand the test of time.”

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