Heritage Glass for sympathetic restorations


Tatra Glass are passionate about the correct period glass being used in restoration projects as it makes a huge difference internally and externally to the atmosphere and ambience of the building. It is important to get the glass type correct as the character of the building is reflected in it’s facade. The windows being described as ‘the eyes of the building’ they need to create a harmonious overall appearance ie. The glass and frames must conform and complement each other perfectly.


Maintaining and restoring period properties is a labour of love for many but can also be costly.  With increasing urgency to cut emissions to preserve our planet and rising costs in energy bills this is pushing more and more homeowners, restoration companies and architects undertaking restoration projects to look for ways to achieve savings on both.

Most period properties have thin single glazing with poor U-values (around 5.6), combined with often ill fitting, ageing, draughty framework that offer absolutely no thermal benefits.  Tatra Glass have an innovative product to fill this niche – Eko-Rest.  Eko-Rest offers a U-Value of 3.6 (not quite slim line double glazed unit values of 2.8) but an ideal solution to historical buildings with traditional wooden and metal frames that have rebates that are not deep enough to take a double glazed unit.  Some planning authorities are against double glazed units despite using period glass, however as Eko-Rest is classed as a monolithic piece of glass, obtaining planning can be less painful.

Due to the composition of Eko-Rest, it retains the original appearance of historic glazing by using one of our restoration glass types to the outer pane. The inner pane is a Low E coated glass which reflects heat from the room back into the room whilst letting in solar gain (free heat) from the sun.  The laminate in between the panes is a hand poured cold cure resin which offers safety and security benefits.  Eko-Rest also offers a level of acoustic benefits (34 db) and can prevent harmful UV rays that can cause fading to precious historical artefacts passing through.

Tatra Glass is based in Leicestershire but we can courier anywhere in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. We would also be happy to send samples of any of our glass types. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements in more detail on (01509) 235387 or drop us an e-mail on contact@tatraglass.co.uk




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