Firestone’s new Rubbergutter™ EPDM self adhered provides a rapid gutter repair solution


Firestone Building Products, part of the Holcim Group, has launched RubberGutter™; an innovative EPDM gutter repair and upgrade system that can extend the  service life of gutters and protect buildings from leaks. Suitable for the refurbishment of heritage and church buildings and any conservation projects, RubberGutter™ can be used on metal, concrete, plywood lined, and valley gutters.

As part of Firestone’s EPDM roofing product range, RubberGutter™ is the next generation of self-adhered gutter membranes. Designed to solve issues with cracked or leaking gutters, RubberGutter™ will provide roofing contractors with an affordable, clean and long-lasting alternative.

Firestone’s new RubberGutter gutter repair system is easier and simpler to install compared to alternative solutions. The prefabricated system provides consistent uniformity of the membrane and, due to its advanced Secure Bond technology, strong adhesion is guaranteed across the entire gutter repair, with no adhesive application required on site. The installer simply needs to peel back and remove the release liner, and apply the RubberGutter™ directly to the prepared substrate. Additional prefabricated details, including the RubberGutter™ drain, can be used to complete the installation, connecting to the membrane using Firestone’s EasySealant, which provides a strong, watertight connection. Philip Moors, MD at Firestone Building Products UK and Ireland, said: “RubberGutter™ is the latest addition to our EPDM roofing and lining systems, designed to restore full waterproofing functionality to gutters. The system is extremely easy to install, yet robust, permanently elastic, UV resistant, and will provide enhanced protection during the harshest of weather conditions.

“Like all our EPDM systems, RubberGutter™ contains no VOCs or plasticisers, providing a sustainable approach to gutter repair and maintenance.

“Our latest system is an alternative, to the traditional methods to gutter upgrades. These methods can be time consuming, costly and will require a highly skilled professional to undertake the works. With RubberGutter™, we’re providing an innovative choice for gutter repairs that is simple and quick to install, will substantially extend the service life of gutters, protecting the building from water ingress and providing a neat, durable finish.”

RubberGutter™ EPDM SA is available now from select Firestone roofing stockists. For more information on RubberGutter™, including product literature and installation guides, visit our website:



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