Did you know CIOB recognises and certifies construction professionals working in building conservation?




In 2017, the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) developed a Building Conservation Certification Scheme in consultation with English Heritage, the National Trust, Historic Scotland and the Welsh Government’s historic environment service, Cadw. This scheme provides recognition and validates competence for those who work on traditional and historic buildings, including clients, consultants, academics, regulators, and contractors.

As careers within the heritage sector are evolving and companies are looking to achieve a good balance of traditional and new skills within their workforce, this scheme acts as a pathway for individuals who want to gain additional qualifications and progress their careers in building conservation. Approved members of the scheme are able to evidence to employers, clients, and other organisations that they are working to the CIOB’s Building Conservation competencies and the ICOMOS Guidelines for Education and training, as well as demonstrating they have a steadfast commitment to continuous development.

Each of the three levels within the scheme has a different entry requirement and assessment criteria. To achieve certification, professionals are required to provide a number of workplace examples to demonstrate the depth of their experience and industry-specific knowledge. They are also required to show understanding and proof of their commitment to a holistic approach to sustainability and energy efficiency issues. Upon successful completion, the approved member is awarded a level-specific certificate and added to a CIOB managed and verified register.

These levels start with CIOB Registered in Building Conservation, which show that a professional has intermediate experience and knowledge in heritage and conservation. This level is ideal for those who do not predominately work in the conservation sector but are seeking to gain more experience in the future and want to demonstrate their commitment in this field.

For those with moderate experience of traditional buildings, including listed buildings and scheduled monuments, there is the CIOB Proficient in Building Conservation level of competency. Professionals at this level demonstrate a proficient understanding and knowledge working in building conservation.

The final level, CIOB Certified Specialist in Building Conservation, is for those who are able to demonstrate the highest level of expertise in building conservation. They are considered as specialists in the field who have an extensive understanding of the significance and historic value of buildings and the philosophy of building conservation. They will also have some influence on the sector and belong to conservation committees or groups advising on conservation principles and practices.

Are you ready to become a certified conservation specialist? Becoming a certified professional enables you to easily demonstrate your unique skills and experience. When quoting or bidding for a new project, CIOB’s certified conservation professionals can easily evidence their qualifications and experience - putting them a step ahead of the rest!

Learn more about how to apply to become a respected, certified and approved member of CIOB’s Building Conservation Certification Scheme today!
For more information visit ciob.me/certification or email Elaine Dove at edove@ciob.org for any further enquiries.


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