Audio video innovation and a historic and revered landmark



By Chloe Wheywell, Group marketing and Communications Manager and Ray Clarke, WAVI Operations and Engineering Manager, (Projects).

When you think about the concept of technological audio video innovation and a historic and revered landmark such as Coventry Cathedral, the concepts may not  naturally seem to go hand-in-hand. One might be forgiven for thinking that a building of such ancient fabrication and preserved by stringent regulations might stifle a company’s ability to innovate, but the experience and expertise of Whitwam and AV innovation can be a match made in heaven.

A symbol of resilience and reconstruction, the cathedral showcases both the ruins of the old St Michael's Cathedral, which was devastated during World War II, which is alongside the new St Michael's Cathedral consecrated in 1962. Within its walls the John Laing  Centre lies, a versatile multi-purpose space that plays host to an array of events, from conferences to exhibitions and performances.

The audio-visual system conceptualised and installed by Whitwam AVI is impressive and aimed at heightening the quality and accessibility of visual and audio content for the audience. The ensemble includes an impressive lineup of components including:

High-Definition Laser Projector: A focal point of any modern audio-visual experience, this high-definition laser projector delivers presentations and content on a large screen, engaging the audience with vivid and dynamic visuals.

Motorised Projection Screen: Adding an element of dynamism, the motorised projection screen can be elegantly lowered or raised as required, complementing the projector's capabilities.

Presentation Switcher: Seamlessly transitioning between diverse sources like laptops, this switcher takes center stage in managing and controlling the content displayed, ensuring a fluid and engaging experience.

HDMI Laptop Connection Points: Convenience meets functionality with these connection points, located adjacent to the screen and equipment rack, making laptop connections hassle-free and swift.

Enhanced Audio Experience: The audio element receives special attention, with full-range loudspeakers delivering clear and balanced sound throughout the space.

Inclusive Technology: The inclusion of an induction loop system speaks to the cathedral's commitment to inclusivity, ensuring those with hearing impairments receive audio signals directly to their hearing aids, promoting an all-encompassing experience.

Versatile Audio Inputs: The system caters to a wide range of sources, allowing audio inputs from various devices such as Auxilliary, smartphones, and more, catering to the diverse needs of presenters and attendees.

Seamless Wireless Connectivity: The Bluetooth receiver allows wireless streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices, fostering a connection between technology and convenience.

Empowering Presenters: The provision of both wired and wireless microphone inputs, including handheld and pocket-sized digital wireless radio microphones, empowers speakers to deliver their messages with clarity and confidence.

Intuitive Control: The inclusion of a touch screen control interface simplifies the orchestration of the myriad components, providing a user-friendly way to manage the audio-visual system.

In conclusion, the John Laing Centre's transformation  underscores the resilience of Coventry Cathedral as well  as a harmonious blend of history and innovation. The collaboration with Coventry ensures that it is now equipped with a comprehensive audio-visual solution that enhances its functionality and versatility as a multi-purpose space.

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