Aston Martin Bulldog on show at British Motor Museum for two weeks!

The Aston Martin Bulldog, which earlier this year reached 205.4mph, has gone on display at the British Motor Museum until 13 November.

The Bulldog’s arrival at the museum, escorted by a Hollywood film crew, came hot on the heels of it being filmed at Classic Motor Cars Ltd (CMC) in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, for a major documentary about the history of the car, its restoration by CMC and how it succeeded in its goal of passing 200mph.

At CMC, the film crew interviewed Richard Gauntlett, the son of the former Chairman of Aston Martin, Victor Gauntlett. Richard Gauntlett managed the restoration of the Bulldog and the ultimate speed run for the owner of the car, Phillip Sarofim.

Stephen Laing, Head of Collections & Engagement at the British Motor Museum, said: “The Museum’s collections include the most innovative products from Britain’s motor industry, over its long history. The Aston Martin Bulldog is one of those cars and sits perfectly in the surroundings in the Museum, a supercar of its time. On a personal note, I remember as a small child visiting the Birmingham Motor Show being enthralled by William Towns’ remarkable Lagonda. Bulldog captures even more so his design spirit. I’m delighted to see it at the Museum.”

Aston Martin Lagonda’s Historian, Steve Waddingham, who visited the museum when the car was installed last Friday, said: “Many British design concept cars which didn’t make it are on display at the British Motor Museum. The Aston Martin Bulldog is a concept car that did make it. It was designed to do a job, and it did it 40 years later when it exceeded 200 mph earlier this year. It’s great to see it on display in the foyer of the museum.”

The British Motor Museum is open from 10am to 5pm for the public to view the Aston Martin Bulldog before it returns to Classic Motor Cars. To find out more about the British Motor Museum please visit



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